What do the Exhibition facilitators believe?

We are Non-Denominational Bible believers, who feel the Bible is a reliable and valuable book, which can help us make decisions in relation to both practical and spiritual aspects of our lives. We believe the Bible gives us an accurate historical record back to the beginning of the habitable world. We also believe the Bible gives details of future happenings on earth.

What are the main areas of the exhibition?

How did we get the Bible
The Old Testament of the Bible
The New testament of the Bible
Translations of the Bible
How people appreciate the Bible
Real science and the Bible

What is the Objective of those involved?

We want people to see that the Bible just did not turn up as a random book to be accepted, but for which there is historical background, in agreement with other historians.  We want people to realise that although the Bible does not get much balanced media, it can stand up to scrutiny, actually stating scientific principles before they were discovered.  We want people to get a taste of the Historical record the Bible gives us, both before and after the Death of Jesus Christ.  We want people to see the Bible as a book worth reading or exploring.

Is there any samples of the content displayed?

The detailed pictures below give a sample of the sort of content that is contained in the Bible Exhibition. These pictures also show some of the models and physical artifacts on display.

Who is the Bible exhibition suitable for?

The exhibition can be helpful for those who believe the Bible, those who are not sure about the Bible, and for those who may not believe it, but want to see a different perspective or belief possibly to meet the diversity required within school curriculums.

In the past we have used the exhibition for a wide range of audiences; Young family groups and Adults at public venues, Upper primary school groups of up to 30 at community facilities, and groups of 30 in secondary school, both junior cycle and senior cycle.

Facilitators are able to vary their tour content to suit their audience’s capacity. Both children and adults have commented on how much they have enjoyed their tours. It is not necessary to take a tour; some adults just wish browse around.

How do school groups work around the Exhibition?

When there are groups of up to 30 pupils, we try to allow approximately an hour from start to finish, with the actual tour taking approximately 40 minutes. The classes are divided into 4/5 groups, each starting at a different place, and they rotate around each section.

Where has the Exhibition been?

The exhibition has been at locations in County Galway, County Clare, County Kildare, County Offaly, County Derry, County Antrim and County Armagh. The pictures show the exhibition in Primary and Secondary School settings and should give a fair reflection of the way it is/will be set up in your locality.